Uros Sanjevic finished his BA in Fine Arts (Glass dept) in Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and MA in Fine Arts (Glass dept) in Korean national university of Arts in Seoul, South Korea.
He has participated in various exhibitions, residence programs all around the world (notably including the exhibition in the Stedlijk museum of contemporary art in Amsterdam with following auction at Christie’s. Resident artist in Platoon Kunsthalle) with numerous publications in magazines, newspapers, books and on Internet.
He has wide range of working experiences in the field of Arts and Culture including ; art director of cultural center in Nami Island, Korea, assistant scenographer (Set design) in numerous theater plays, Set Design in Beijing Expo 2008.

Currently he has been dedicated in researching and converting the ancient paper marbling technic Ebru in combination with digital print to contemporary expression of his spiritual research, gain and knowledge in shamanic experiences from Brazil and Peru.

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